Socrates is dangerous

This diagram is intended to illustrate the morphism between logical relations and physical relations outlined in the previous post.  To put a little flesh and blood on these abstractions I have changed the example syllogism somewhat.

Everything in the diagram is physical.  The syllogism's premises are to be thought of as physical inscriptions.  But they play a dual role as they can also be thought of as propositions.  As propositions they bear a logical relationship of inference.  As inscriptions they give rise to brain states by entirely causal processes.  These states are the meanings of the corresponding inscriptions.  I like to think of a meaning as the change induced in me by exposure to the inscription.  I should probably draw the state labelled Ps as a composite of two further states P and s, but this would clutter the diagram.  I trust its composite nature is conveyed by the composite label.  Likewise the state labelled P*→D*.  I see this as a constructor state.  In the presence of the state Ps it constructs or maintains the state Ds.  One might see this in chemical terms.  The enzyme P*→D* binds to molecules of the form Px and catalyses the formation of molecules of the form Dx.  Think ribosomes transcribing DNA base sequences into amino acid sequences.  The state labelled Fear is analogous.  In the simultaneous presence of states of the form Dx and Hx it triggers the body's fear responses---raised adrenaline levels and so on.  Hs is the state of recognition that Socrates is here, now, close by.

The point, of course, of this thought experiment piece of whimsy is to suggest that there can be a structure-preserving morphism between propositions under the relation of logical inference and brain states/processes under the relation of physical causation.  On this view, our ability to make logical inferences is actually guaranteed by the regularity of physics.  Contrast this with the conclusion of the Argument from Reason advanced by Ed Feser.

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