It's now (April 2013) a year and a half since I started writing these posts.   It's clear I'm largely commenting on pieces that Bill Vallicella has put up, so I have changed my subtitle to Comments on the Maverick.   I discovered Bill in 2005 around the time he was migrating from Blogspot to the now defunct Powerblogs blogging host.   I had become interested in Roger Scruton having read some articles of his and also his book on the philosophy of Conservatism, and had followed him to the now also defunct Right Reason blog, where Bill was an occasional contributor.

Tilly and Lola are our two Tibetan Terriers.  Tilly, on the left, is now five years old and Lola, her mum, is twelve later this year.

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I can be reached at david dot a dot brightly at gmail dot com.

Please consider my plea.  Thank you.